Group your purchases to make one shipment

Do you want to reserve stones but wait for more to ship everything? It is possible and we explain everything to you!

When you are about to finalize your order you will be prompted to choose the type of shipment you want, this is where you will need to select:

"NO SHIPPING (valid if you want to keep the order aside or if you have stones pending on the group)"

No shipping costs will be charged to you and you will be able to continue doing your small purchases quietly, the next day or 4 days later, without wondering if your favorites from the day before are still available!

💡 How to use this choice?
Use this choice in two cases:
  1. You have spotted a few stones that you like, you don't want them to be sold to someone else but you want to wait and see if other stones interest you in the next few days to pay only once shipping costs. (you will have to pay the costs on your final order, as soon as you wish to receive your orders)
  2. You have spotted a few stones that you like but you have reservations in progress on one of the two Facebook groups and want to ship all the stones together. (site + group)
⚠️ Do not use this choice of port if you are not affected by the two cases above and you want to receive your stones quickly, it will only slow down the processing of it. You will of course have to pay the shipping costs.
If you have any questions do not hesitate !

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